The Academy and Me

Seminary is a unique experience. The one thing I would tell you right now, though, is what my pastor told me when I started in 2004: Have a strong foundation before you start. My background is evangelical, and the seminary I attended was, as well. However, I sat next to individuals and was occasionally (though very rarely) taught by some instructors who seemed anywhere from just a little to quite a bit to the left of that. That is why you need a strong foundation–especially if you, like me, choose to stand unwaveringly and unequivocally on the Word of God. It was a good experience, very challenging, and I am glad that I allowed myself to be taught in this setting. I grew personally, spiritually, and intellectually. Have a strong, firm foundation in the Word, but allow the experience to challenge, teach, and where necessary, change you.

The call to preach is one of my favorite subjects. I highly recommend two books: The Irresistible Urge to Preach and God’s Yes Was Louder Than My No, both by William H. Myers. (Feel free to recommend books here, and once I do at least a cursory check of content–I am a school librarian, and these things matter–I’ll share them with other bloggers.) One title that still speaks to me since I read it several years ago is Preaching That Changes Lives by Michael Fabarez. Do not let anything deter you, if this is the unction you have received. I was nearly 50, I am a female, and had a lot of livin’ behind me, but I know that this is where God wants me. Depending on your denomination, your calling will probably need to be verified by the church, but it goes through you first.


2 Responses to “The Academy and Me”

  1. I read your blog. I agree that love is the one thing that all true Christians must express towards their fellow earthlings.
    But it is hard. I guess basically everyone does believe in love, but then when we get down to specifics of loving someone who has hurt us, or hurt someone, or said rather ignorant things about a whole nation, it is hard to love that someone. I do believe that God, however, expects us to figure out a way.
    I am glad that you have created your blog. But, I still prefer to email you one on one.
    Love, Darolyn


    • I think the reason my sermon stayed with me for so long, and in fact, part of the reason why God laid it on my heart so urgently, is because it is a struggle for me, too. Yes, it is hard, but keep in mind that we are commanded to love. How can an emotion be commanded? Because God wants it to be walked out in what we do, too. You are right–it is hard. Just keep allowing God to open your heart. Love you, Darolyn!


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