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He Has Done Great Things ~ Bless His Holy Name!

Posted in Inspirational with tags , , on 18 June 2010 by Barbara J. Brooks

I retired today, after 35 years as a Detroit Public School teacher. Since I made the decision to do so several months ago, I have been giddy with excitement. And for the last week, a line from the song by Marvin Sapp has played in my head: “Never could have made it; never would have made it without You.” God told me to teach before I fully understood what a teacher was. I was three years old and attending Merrill Palmer Nursery School. That was in 1957, and it was, for its time, quite an avant-garde and academic setting for a little “colored” girl. It set me on the path that I have followed all my life. Now God has given me another phase, and I find it difficult to contain the joy with which I am anticipating completing my journey. I will finish my doctorate, write, and continue to listen for His voice. He speaks according to His will.

So I made it. Thirty-five years. Only because of His love, His mercy, and His grace, I made it. And indeed, “I am stronger; I am wiser; I am better . . . so much better.” I was a good teacher, and I was a bad teacher. I give Him all the glory for the good, and I take full responsibility for the bad. It is finished.