About Me

You already know my name. I am a Detroiter—born and bred—and still living in the Detroit area. The most indelible influence on my life was having been “raised in the church” as we like to say, and second to that, my undergraduate education at Michigan State University. The word that best describes me is academia. I have taught in Detroit Public Schools for 34 years and have committed myself to lifelong learning. I hold Masters Degrees in instructional technology, library and information science, and Biblical Studies/New Testament. I am currently working on a doctorate in Ecclesiology at Ashland Theological Seminary. I could easily spend my life in a classroom, but there is a time for the rubber to meet the road. I need to dedicate myself to my calling and gifts. I, too, need to be about my Father’s business.  

My personal passions are for teaching (which of course means studying), writing, and issues related to childhood obesity. My ministerial passions relate to the authority of the church, ministry to the broken places in women and helping them become whole again, and ethics. All of these passions were birthed on the road I have traveled in getting to where I am now. Having answered my call to the pulpit ministry at a relatively late age—yet having known from childhood that the voice was there—you might know that I stumbled my way into the pulpit. That road was flawed and painful at times, which is how I know my Redeemer lives. “Down Through the Years” is my theme song and mantra.

I look forward to the opportunity that this blog affords me to reach out to brothers and sisters in Christ and to broken people everywhere.  Holler at a sister! 


3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Wow, Barb! I didn’t know!

    Best wishes to you in your endeavors!



  2. Go girl, with all those degrees! I was blog surfing and found this. I would like to go to seminary since I live in that area too. I would love to hear about your experiences posted on this site. I also feel called to the ministry and to preach.


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