Prayer, Care, and Comfort

They that wait upon the Lord . .

Wait upon the Lord . . .

Prayer, Care, and Comfort is an outreach ministry of Hope Bible Fellowship Church that serves women in the surrounding community. Its purpose is to minister hope and peace to adult women (35 and older) who face circumstances that cause them anxiety and despair, that they may come to peace and spiritual wholeness through their personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Meetings are held in a “call-in” format on the fourth Thursday of each month at 6:30 P.M. Follow the link to Hope Bible Fellowship Church (in the Blogroll) or click on the “More Details” link below for more information.

More Details ~ A Prayer, Care, and Comfort Invitation for You!


3 Responses to “Prayer, Care, and Comfort”

  1. tamra meadows Says:

    greetings and salutations all respect and honor due according to the spirit that lives and dwells in you. barbara this is shirley and i must tell you that i’ve been truly blessed in the circle of pcc i hope that as we turn down the sheets and pull up the covers for the end of this session that God spirit will encourage and influence me and us all to take hold of his indwelling power to move against the enemy and his strong hold on all of us that have participated in body and spirit. year two and counting has enpowered me to look the enemy in the eye and be victorious. This group has been so meaningful to me in that it has supported me though not my mess (Smile) It has been along time since i have felt free and safe enough to discuss my trials and tribulations with the expectations that my concern would be earnestly dealt with, God loves you so very much and thats just a small amount more than me


    • The trust, love, passions, tears, laughter, and joy of the women who allow me into their hearts bless me far more than I can imagine blessing them. As Prayer, Care, and Counsel was birthed, it was my deepest, most passionate desire to walk beside you all in a godly way: weeping when you weep, rejoicing when you rejoice, and loving you as Jesus taught us to love. As 2009 draws to a close, let us remain clothed in His armor and fight the good fight! His best blessings to you all!


  2. Praise The Lord Min. Brooks!

    I love this Blog Site and, as always, your writing are so uplifting! I always admired your writing and speaking. You are such a blessing and I’m so happy to know such a remarkable Woman in Christ.

    I’m adding your Pray Service to my calender so I can make sure I’m there this month. Thank God for you and the work you’re doing for God.

    I love you and look forward to your Sister-to-sister and Heart-to-Heart Pray Service.

    God Bless You……..
    Renee Greer


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